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POINT-OF-VIEW: There’s an app for that or not?

The introduction of the iPad and its new possibilities inspired and re-jolted most publishers with new possibilities to enrich their current publications and conquer new readers. Some major players soon developed magazine apps but with very little success and at a very high cost. As more and more publishers are looking for alternative possibilities, we examine what went wrong.

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RESEARCH: Online trends – the fragmented net

The way consumers are experiencing and using the Internet is changing rapidly. Trendstream publishes its 3rd edition of the GlobalWebIndex, the world’s biggest research into online consumer behavior. The research shows one global trend, driven by five key drivers. This global trend, identified as ‘the fragmented net‘, shows that the worldwide web is changing into a universe of local internet sites that each have their own specific usage profile.

So far, so good, but what is driving this change in the way consumers experience and use the internet? According to Trendstream, there are 5 key elements that propel this evolution.

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RESEARCH: Tablets change our reading habits

The multitude of available screens and, especially, the rise of tablets (read: iPad) is thoroughly changing our reading habits, ReadItLater’s research shows.

ReadItLater, which – much like Instapaper – is a very handy tool to read or scan webistes and save them for later reading, has researched 100 million articles to determine how people save and read on computers, mobile phones and tablets. The results clearly indicate a change in reading habits. Continue reading RESEARCH: Tablets change our reading habits

RESEARCH: Omnimediavore researches iPad usage

Some of the more interesting results:

  • One out of two respondents carry their iPad (almost) everywhere.
  • The tablet is indispensable for 78% of the interviewees.
  • 52% claimed that since they have the iPad, the overall consumption of printed media brands (as an app or printed) is higher than before.
  • Even more interesting: 68% have read some newspapers or magazines – within an app – that they have never read before.

More info via http://omnimediavore.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/asking-ipad-user.html

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